The Gran Prix Circuit comprises a 12-month long series of singles and doubles tournaments. Coaches highly recommend the circuit for players interested in gaining tournament experience.

Certain tournaments in the circuit allow players to accumulate points for matches won, providing an opportunity to qualify for the Masters Invitational at the end of the season.

Players accumulate points by winning matches in any of the regularly scheduled Gran Prix and Gran Prix Doubles tournaments. Participants receive 4 points for each main draw singles match won and 2 points for each consolation singles match won, for both singles and doubles. The more tournaments a player participates in, the more points a player can accumulate. For additional information on the tournaments offered, click here.

The 10 eligible players with the highest point totals in each age division will be invited to participate in the Masters tournament at the end of the circuit. The top two finishers from age divisions 10 through 16 in the Masters tournament will also be selected to represent San Antonio in a State Playoffs at John Newcombe's.

For registration information or general questions regarding the circuit, call Mike Timoskevich at 978-2004. For questions concerning a specific tournament, draws and start times, call the tournament site directly.





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